George’s Nomvember Plan

George spent the weekend planning for the Nomvember celebration.

George’s weekend shopping preparations took up his whole six foot table.George Ingredient Table Crop

I feel he may be a bit overzealous. You may agree when you see his cooking schedule.

His current cooking plan:

Sunday: Apple Cider CaramelsQuesadilla Casserole

Monday:  Mushroom Fettuccine

Tuesday: Bourbon Ice CreamS’mores TrufflesLoaded Chocolate Bourbon Fudge

Wednesday: Peanut Butter Cups with Bourbon

Thursday: No current plans (I assume a catch up day)

Friday: Finnish Nissua, Apple and Honey Challah

Saturday: Peanut Butter and Jelly MuffinsManicotti Alla RomanaApple Spiced Bourbon Toddies

I hope he can keep on track, though with so many sweets, I am reworking my cooking schedule. Hopefully I will have a good outline tonight.

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