George’s Tuesday

Bourbon Ice Cream (from Bon Appetit)

George’s initial review of the extras left behind in the ice cream machine was 10/5, which seems impossibly high, though he stated “the taste and texture of the stuff out of the bowl was goddamn amazing.” Final verdict will be left until tasting the set ice cream on Saturday.


Loaded Chocolate Bourbon Fudge (from How Sweet It Is)

The fudge had a more mixed view from George. He thought the base was good and by itself would rate a 4/5 for the bowl left overs (I am beginning to wonder how much actually is left behind purposefully for snacking). He didn’t get the firmness he expected out of the base, and feels the addition of the caramel chocolates and milk chocolates on the top would be better left out, as there is a hard chocolate layer over the fudge, and swirling in toffee instead. I believe he is worried a chainsaw will be required to cut the fudge.


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